The Confucian, Razan Hayashi who served Tokugawa shoguns in Edo period highly praised Gero Hot Springs for its quality. Since He wrote that the Springs of Kusatsu, Arima and Gero are the best of all Hot Springs in Japan in his poetry, Gero Hot Springs have been one of the three Hot Springs of Japan.

From ancient days Gero Hot Springs were familiar to people for its bountifulness. One day the springs had been stopped because of a big earthquake. People were so sad. One day one egret swooped down on the Masuda River and stood for awhile. And the very next day he came the same place and stood there. Day after day he did the same thing! They wondered why, but look! There is a spring! They were so glad. The egret left the place and never came back again. They noticed that there was a statue of Yakushi-Nyorai. So they appreciate that the egret was the embodiment of Yakushi-Nyorai, who was pity for them and tell them the source of the Hot Springs.
Since the JR Gero station was opened in 1930, Gero Hot Springs have been developed rapidly.
In 1974 the committee decided to protect the source of Hot Springs and set a central administration. Now, they provide the Hot Springs to each Ryokan at 55 degrees C.


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