Gero hot spring festival    Hanagasa festival    Ideyu asaichi

Gero has a number of historical festivals such as an energetic Ryujin fire festival in summer and a traditional, elegant Hanagasa festival in spring.

Every year,from August 1 to 3, the whole town enjoys a series of festivals: the Ryujin fire festival on the 1st, Geiko Mikoshi on the 2nd, Gero Odori on the 2nd and 3rd, and a fireworks display on the 3rd.
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This is a Shinto ritual performed at Morihachiman Shrine in February 14, and dancers wearing hats aborned with flowers dance around carrying rice cakes on their shoulders
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Every year the morning market is open for business from the 19th of March until the 30th of November, from 8 am till noon everyday. You can enjoy shopping the local farm products and Local Hida foods such as Ho-ba sushi, spit-roasted Hida beef and, of course, tasty sake. You might be content to just talk with local people.

Location: In front of the Gassho Village.
Duration: March 19- November 30
Open: 8 am- 12
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