1: First, to accustom your body to hot water, rinse your body outside the bathtub with some water from a tap or the bathtub using a washbowl.
2: Clean your whole body with soap.
3: After rinsing all the soap off your body, tidy up your place and enter the tub and soak for a while.
4: After you finished soaking, do not rinse your body with tap water, for the spring minerals to improve full benefits on your body.

If you don't feel comfortable naked in front of other people, you can ask for a private bath.
Note that the bath water can be very hot. If you it feels too hot, you might add some cold water, but only after consulting others.
You can bring a small towel into the bathing area. But once you enter the bathtub, keep the towel out of the water.
Do not drain the bathtub water.
Swimming suits are not allowed.


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