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Welcome to Gero Hot Springs, the city of health. People always live in harmony with nature. Pure rivers and deep forest remind most Japanese nostalgic memories.
There are picturesque valleys, the majestic mountain scenery with a view of the city, and Japanese beauty that has both history and tradition.
The glamorous scenery, along with the hot springs, are no doubt appreciated and enjoyed by thousands of visitors.

A small village located east of the spa area on the hillside of Koho-san. There are ten historical Gassho-style structures that include the old Ohdos folk museum designated as a nationally important cultural property. They were moved from the world heritage Shirakawa-go and reconstructed about 40 years ago.

Make your trip complete by experiencing the real life of Hida, such as pottery, making Japanese papers and tasting traditional food.


Gassho Village.
Closed: December 31
Entrance fee: Adults \800 Children \400
Special (charge-free) day: December 30

One of the biggest historical Gassho-style houses which was first built in 1846 (Edo period). It took over thirteen years to build this unique four-story architecture.

We exhibit Japanese antiques and are showing how to make zori(Japanese sandals) and oke(wooden tub).


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